How Do I Insert A PDF / Document File Link

From your website administration area main menu screen you must select the link titled Upload/Delete Files to use in Pages.

Bellow is what you should see.

Click on the Browse button to open your computers file system dialog box. Navigate to the Adobe pdf file located on your computer. select the pdf file and click open.

The Upload pages text box should have the path to the file you selected and is now ready to be uploaded. Click Upload to copy the file to the web server.

You should now see the file you just uploaded within the Documents file preview window located at the bottom of this page.

Return to the administration main menu page and select the link titled Create or Edit Page Content. Select the page from the list that you want the pdf file link inserted. Find a spot on the page and add a text description for the file to be opened. (i.e. December Newsletter) Highlight the text with your mouse and select the chain icon located on the second row first icon of your page content editor.

The Insert/edit link dialog box will pop up on your screen. If you do not see this pop up screen please make sure to allow pop ups for this website from within your computers pop up blocker. Now you can select the pdf file you wish to link.

You should also select the link target by selecting the Target drop down. Select Open in new window (_blank) so the open file will open within a new window leaving your website always open behind it. Select the Insert button on the bottom left of this dialog box. You should now have a new link inserted on your page.

Remember to save your page. You cannot test the link from within the page content editor so you will need to save your work and navigate to the actual page for testing. Click the link and make sure it opens in a new window.

Step by Step.

1.) Upload the Adobe pdf file first. Same process as uploading a picture for use in pages.

2.) Open the page you are inserting the file.

3.) Type text (August 2009 Newsletter, ect.) or anything you like.

4.) Highlight the text you want to make a link and then click on the full chain icon located as the first icon in the second row of the content editor.

5.) Select the Link List drop down and then select the Adobe file you uploaded.

6.) Select Target and select Open in new window (_blank).

7.) Click on the Insert button located at the bottom of the dialog box window.

8.) Save your page within the content editor.

9.) Open website in new browser window and test. Keep in mind that the link will not work from within the content editor. you must test it by looking at the actual website page.


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