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Website Documentation Phase 3 - HTML format
How to Login to Your Admin Area

Account Information
How to Edit Contact Info

Page Content
Menu Builder
How to Add Menu Items
How to Organize Menu Items
How to Make Menu Items Active or Inactive
Content Creator
How to Upload a Flash File
How to Upload Photos
How to Upload a Document
How to Put a Map Under Post Locator
How to Add a Web Hit Counter

Photo Gallery
How to Create a Photo Gallery
How to Manage Photos
How to Know if Your Image File was Uploaded

Events Calendar
How to Add an Event
How to Edit Your Events List
How to Rent Out Your Resources

Post Information
How to Update Your Post Banner
How to Update Your Membership Application

Website Documentation Phase 2 - HTML format
Viewing my application / domain name expiration dates: Open page
Page content administration icon descriptions: Open page
How do I insert a PDF / document file link: Open page
My membership application email does not work: Open page

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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, As you can see I already added content for my new buttons. This product is fabulous and I can't speak enough about it.
I worked with computers and with programmers who did work for me.
I was somewhat familiar with web code but you've taken this product to a new height, It is great.

Al DeMizio

What a great web system you have created. I have been associated with Information Systems for many years and this is a real treat to work with. Great job! we signed up for the site and after spending about three days, our site is up and running with our own information. I am truly impressed.

Mike Phelps

Just want you to know that if needed, you can give my e-mail to any of your customers regarding this product. I believe you are the most customer oriented supplier I have dealt with...and I am in Quality, so customer service is key to success.

Bob Beasley