How to Make Menu Items Active, Supporting or Inactive


In the Menu Builder page, you will notice there are three columns. The left side is for ACTIVE menu items, the middle column is for SUPPORTING menu items, and the right side is for INACTIVE menu items. If you want to make some menu items appear active, supporting, or inactive from your front page, simply follow these steps:

1. Click and hold down your mouse button on the menu item you want to move.

2. Drag the menu item from the left column, middle column, or the right column depending on whether you want to make the menu item appear active, supporting or inactive.

3. When you are done, be sure to click save.

Supporting menu items do not appear on your website. They lead to internal pages without you having to make menu items inactive. Inactive pages will not show up when you are editing a page to try and link to them. This feature is created specifically for supporting pages (middle column). More about supporting pages, including how to link them to active pages, is explained here.