How to Prepare an E-mail Alert


E-mail alerts are newsletters. If you want to send out newsletters to your subscribers, simply follow these steps:

1. Be sure to type in a subject. Without one, your newsletters will get sent without a subject line.

2. Make sure that the Mailing List drop-down is selected for Active Subscribers. You can also send it to your Test Users*.

3. In this example, we show how to link to an internal document first. When you highlight over the words you wish to link, follow the steps as you would normally to select (or upload) a document. Once you have one selected, there is one major change you need to perform before hitting OK.

4. Notice the Protocol is set to <other>. This needs to change so that when you send out your newsletter, everyone else can still view your documents. Click on the drop-down and change this to http:// - now in front of the address for the document, add the beginning of your domain name. In our example this is

5. In order to link to an external website, highlight the words and click the Link button. All you need to do is simply type out the website address but be sure not to include "http://" as that will automatically be included in the system.

6. After you are completed writing out your newsletter, click Save.

7. You will notice the e-mail gets added to the list on the right (or bottom of screen depending on resolution). Here you can edit or delete the message, as well as add it to the queue.

8. E-mails get sent out five times per day. Times are as follows: 9:40AM, 11:40AM, 1:40PM, 3:40PM, 5:40PM.

*Test Users is a group to make sure everything works properly, such as links or images. To learn how to add a Test User, click here.