How to Add a Web Hit Counter


Interested in how many people have visited your site? Follow these steps to put a web hit counter on your page:

1. Find the perfect spot for where you would like to place the counter. This is usually at the bottom of the homepage. Type "Here" to let yourself know where you will paste the coding.

2. Visit to get your StatCounter. Click "Sign Up Now!" to begin your free registration.

3. Simply clicking on the box will select all of the coding. In the example you notice us clicking and dragging to show selecting the coding. Once you have selected all of the coding, right click and press Copy. For keyboard commands, this would be Ctrl+C.

4. Back on your American Legion website, make sure you are still on the right page. Find where you wrote "Here" earlier and then scroll up to click on the Source button.

5. Scroll down through the HTML coding and find where you wrote "Here." This is where you will paste your web counter coding. Select over the words "Here" and paste. For keyboard commands, this would be Ctrl+V. Or you can simply right click and press Paste. When you click on the Source button again, you will notice the web counter has appeared.

6. Be sure to press Save.