How to Add an Event


Keep your Post members updated by creating events! To do this, simply follow these steps:

1. The required fields are in red. Title your event.

2. When you click on the date field, it will pull up a calendar. Using this feature is for recurring events only, meaning that they happen at the same time. To change times for events, you need to create a new event.

3. Set the time. Be sure to specify AM or PM.

4. You can delete a date if you accidentally picked a wrong day. To do this, simply click on the date that is wrong and if you need to add another date just click on the Date field again to pull up the calendar.

5. Location is required, but duration and contact information should also be provided. Any additional info is also good!

6. When you are finished, press submit. This acts as a save.

Upon completion, it will take you to the Event Manager page, explained here.


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