How to Know if your Image File was Uploaded


1. After you have selected browse and searched for the image on your hard drive to upload, click Send File(s)... (more explained here).

2. Under the button, there will be a list of Upload #1-#3. This is the status for each image (as you can upload up to three images, explained in more detail in the above link). If the status for your image says "No photo was sent for this upload." then that means there was an error and the image wasn't sent.

3. This is likely caused by one major problem: image size. The maximum is 2 megabytes, but we recommend keeping images smaller especially for pages you plan on having filled with images to keep the download time quicker.

4. To check image size, find where the image is stored on your computer. Hover over the image with your mouse to get quick detail about that picture. It will also tell you size. In the preview the image we use to show you this image is 7 megabytes, which is huge.

5. You can also right click on the image and go to Properties, which will also show you the image size.