How to Put a Map Under Post Locator


Want to let people know where your Post is located? Follow these steps to put a MapQuest map on your website:

1. After putting your address in on, you will see a button at the top titled Link/Embed.

2. From within the drop down menu you will see a link titled Embed in a Webpage. Select the embed for use within your page.

3. In the example you notice us clicking and dragging to show selecting the coding. Once you have selected all of the coding, right click and press Copy. For keyboard commands, this would be Ctrl+C.

4. Back on your American Legion website, make sure you are on the right page; preferably the Post Locator page. You will notice there is already a map here. Click the box labeled IFRAME and press the delete key on your keyboard. Type "Here." to know where you will insert your coding next.

5. Click the Source button.

6. Find where you wrote "Here." This is where you will paste your MapQuest coding. For keyboard commands, this would be Ctrl+V. Or you can simply right click and press Paste. Be sure to delete "Here." when you're done. When you click on the Source button again, you will notice another IFRAME has appeared. This is normal. When you view the page (after saving), it will appear as a map.

7. Be sure to press Save.

Also be sure to delete any and all red instructions on any page that you plan on editing.