How to Rent Out Your Resources


For those Posts with resources, here is how you can provide information to those that want to rent them:

1. Both fields are required. Define what type of resource you own (Rental Hall).

2. Describe what features are included. Anything that would make them more appealing to someone that might want to rent them.

3. Be sure to click Submit. This acts as a save.

4. If you need to edit any information about what you just created, click Edit. To delete the resource, click Delete. To add dates that the resource is being used, click on Dates.

5. This will bring up a Dates of Usage field. Multiple dates can be entered. Click on the field to bring up a calendar. Remember that this is only for when your resource is being used.

6. When finished, click Submit. This acts as a save.

To delete a date, simply click on it.